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Dass es sich bei ihren Seiten um seriГse Plattformen handeln wГrde.

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Die größte und aktuellste deutsche Dart Webseite: tagesaktuelle Dart News, Dart WM, Dartprofis Spielerprofile, Dart Forum, Terminkalender, Videos. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images. The edition starts next weekend - 16 players over 5 matchdays/weekends. GSoD Kicks off tomorrow, and a chance to win a set of darts is here just for picking the winners! Totally free to​.

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The Darts Forum 11/25/ · Darts forum, Superstars of Darts, professional darts, Professional Players, stars of darts, The Stars of darts, news and results, pdc darts, bdo darts, ladies darts. Forum Member 02/11/20 - edited 02/11/20 - # Few changes for this weekends World Cup of Darts 1 - Portugal have replaced Singapore 2 - It will now be behind closed doors BetVictor World Cup of Darts Schedule of Play Friday November 6 Afternoon Session ( local time, GMT). The stars of darts forum is the largest darts community, have your say on all things PDC or BDO and follow live results. To think a prime Taylor who mentally caused Nicholson's career to Sweet Plays by embarrassing Www.Jetzt over and over, A prime Taylor who made Barney his bitch to the point that after Barney never won a major ranking tv final ever again, he made MVG bawl like a bitch live on TV from beatings,used James Wade as his own personal punchbag, but according to Nicholson, Prime Taylor New Brunswick Lottery struggle with the likes of Michael Smith and Rob Cross I watched most of this match on fast forward, and still the fat arse hunchbacked dutch prick managed to sicken me by looking at it. Looking Pokerevolution the above Kicker Manager Interactive Tipps think there are only three top 16 players missing Gurney Chizzy Mensur. Devon Peterson absolutely sucks on commentary, despite his own claims that he "took to it like a duck to water",which is complete bullshit. Comms tried to make out Merv was not happy with MVG victory celebrations, No dickheads, it was not the victory celebration that pissed of King, he would have expected that, it was the roaring and shouting after each leg, and tactics used by the wife cheating prick. Its all well and good scoring like that at that speed, Bet365 Bonus Code 5€ when you rush doubles and hitting fuckall, you wont go far. This is a guy, a grown fucking adult who is obsessed with wrestling, where steroid addicted, fat, semi naked men covered in baby oil roll around on top of each other in some predetermined mock fighting that has serious homosexual overtones, You only have to listen to the insufferable prick on the Euro tours to hear him go on about the wrestling. World Grand Prix Devon Petersen hit Price started The Darts Forum better and took out 97 for a lead. Speaking of Ando, he is currently the world 20 after he dropped yet another 7 places. Seemed inevitable this would be wrapped up in the third session and sure enough Dimi wrapped it upand despite Besten Laptops 2021 missed doubles averaged over Wade Wer ГјbertrГ¤gt Bundesliga Heute in the same era as prime Tipico Scanner, played in the same era of prime Taylor, played in the same era when MVG was at his peak, and is still playing whilst Price and Wright are around. Ashton was only averaging a mere
The Darts Forum

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This weeks award goes to that complete dickhead, insecure and attention seeking cunt Paul Nicholson, who did an article earlier this week spouting some of the most retarded shit I have ever read from someone who purports to be some sort of authority figure on the game.

The article can be found HERE. Then there was this absolute ignorant rambling how Wade was somewhat ignorant to the game "does he not know how many nine-darters have been hit this season and how many huge averages are being registered?

Dimitri took out to break throw in the first leg of his game with Wade, after wade missed a dart at tops. Wade who had the best checkout percentage in the comp, missed 2 darts to break back, and was down, he held throw but missed yet another dart at a double to break but got another go and missed 3 more, was down and missed another dart to hold, and lost the session and was 2 breaks of throw down.

Wade had darts to win every leg. Wade held next leg but Dimitri started hit the turbo and Wade was hanging on as he was down, and at the interval. Wade held, but was putting no pressure on Dimitri's throw.

Wade held again making 4 from 4 on tops now. A checkout put Dimitri up and Wade was playing far better but could not get the breaks he needed.

Wade made it 12 holds of throw on the trot, Wade in the 18th Wade got his first break and reduced the deficit and then held to make it , and was only one break of throw down.

Dimitri then had a poor leg on throw, but Wade was even poorer, so Dimitri held to lead at the last interval. It now down to Dimitri to handle any pressure he put on himself despite Wade being the heavier scorer.

Wade missed tops for a and Dimitri broke, you felt Dimitri himself knew it was his to lose now and had it in the bag and was throwing for a lead.

Dimitri held, led and started the next leg with a max, Wade looked dead and buried, Wade did manage to hold and then get a break to trail and held to make it 3 legs on the trot.

Wade missed a dart at double 19 to level the game Dimitri led by 2 again. Wade held again, to trail , and with Dimitri throwing this was the most crucial leg so far of the game, and Wade again missed a dart to level, but got another go and took it Wade was now level at It seemed like it was Wades to lose now.

It was now a last leg decider, with Wade throwing first. In the final leg Dimitri scored well, but Wade went , , , and took out 76 for a 12 darter.

Only a 9 darter from Dimitri could have stopped that. Wade never led in the entire game. Wade won 7 of the last 9, and that was with Dimitri breaking him in one of them, as he came from down to win in legs.

Needless to say, the Wade haters were out in force making retarded claims of how he is lucky, and never gets high averages or how he does not score well enough.

Take a look at the actual stats. Wade had the highest averages in the quarters and the semis, had the most plus scores by a country mile in the quarters and semi finals.

Has won 9 tv titles, countless floor titles, and competitions that are no longer running like the Championship League of Darts etc. Look at the hype given to Bellyboy Smith , the greatest choker of this era and how he is hyped over and over but a complete choker.

Tell me there is no bias there! Wade even mentioned in his interview on LiveDarts, how some of the players that are hyped are not as good as him.

No doubt that will cause more to cry. Take a look at this comment from a forum by an inbred mutant. The thick cunt to dense to realize that wade averaged a the day before.

How can someone be so fucking stupid on the internet when the internet is full of actual stats at your fingertips to inform you before you make a fool of yourself.

Also Wade winning and reaching his second final in a month on tv only served to back up his claim that the Top Ten is not as strong as he claimed.

Wade beat the Matchplay champion Dimitri, most likely one of the players he was referencing when he said certain players would not win events were it not for for covid, or how certain players would not win if there was crowds.

He was backing up his opinion. I bet the asshole Paul Nicholson was seething. Usually I watch a final hoping a certain player would lose, normally a cunt like MVG or Price, in this case, even though I did want Wade to win, I would not be too disappointed if Jose won, seeing as I like both players, the ideal type of final, where its two players you like.

I missed the first session, was not aware it started earlier, thought it was 7pm start, so when I turned it on saw Jose hit a double to make it with a ten darter.

Wade replied with an 12 darter. Now the Grand Slam is finished, for a year, and the BDO finished for good, it is time to overhaul this event that wants to be portrayed as a major.

The Slam should be for the winners and runners up of TV comps, and if the list is short of players, then add Euro tour winners, and if still short, add Player championships winners.

If still short after all of that, then make up the numbers via the players tour order of merit as they will be the most in form players.

Surely the better the players the better the quality. What did the bdo beggars, the munters, and the qualifiers like Pipe offer the comp?

No more bdo amateur beggars like Wayne Warren stinking up events, no sexist bias by inviting munters, if they cannot qualify via the unisex order of merit then its obvious they are not good enough,no more preferential treatment for the cunts, no more jobbers getting to a last 8 in a depleted field.

If the PDC want to call this a major, then no more invites, make it a comp where people earned the right to be there. Who would the WDF provide, a fat fucking farmer wearing pink with an invisible dog?

A suspect looking Welsh ginger prick with a quif? Failures like them who jobbed at q-school? Fuck them out, and keep them out, if they want to play PDC, let them go to q-school, the PDC is a business not a charity.

The events were coming thick and fast and I for one welcomed it. Since so many stuck at home, and it being cold dark and wet, what better way to spend a weekend.

O Connor against van Duijvenbode was a cracker to start the comp off. The fat cunt Bellyboy lucky to fall over the line against Boris Krcmar who averaged , which is the highest losing average in the history of the comp, and by the time the afternoon session was over 8 of the top 32 were gone with Dave Dismall 8 the highest ranked player out the gap.

I fucking utterly despise ITV, sick to the eyeballs for the adverts for cold cats, starving kids, caged tigers, homeless junkies, upset donkies, refugee camps If you are going to allow that shit then limit it to one begging shower of bastards, all it did was make me more determined to never EVER support those charities.

I give to the local dog rescue you see what they do, but these multi national begging companies with directors on huge salaries can go fuck themselves.

The evening session kicked off with Aspinall and Waites, and like Bellyboy earlier, Aspinall was a jammy fucker to get through. Kegan Brown was against Ando and lost.

Wade in his match went , , , to leave 16 and still lost the leg, and then the match, so out went the 7, and Durrant 12 and Dobey 21 followed, so along with Mensur Suljovic who withdrew 12 of the World top 32 went out, and 3 of the them from the top Dimi and Wade hopefully use their early defeats as a kick in the hole to get them ready for the Worlds.

The bald hunchback prick himself even admits to personally insulting him and following Worsley outside the arena to continue the issue.

What almost everyone has not asked, is if Worsley did make a complaint initially to an official, why did that official gossip and tell MVG when the complaint was not about MVG?.

That official is as responsible and had no place in passing on said complaint to MVG. Another thing people seem to have ignored, why was MVG not marking himself?

MVG not only refused to mark,which itself has seen others get a fine of the DRA Nazi Party, he then after getting information of an official, which the official had no right to pass on, proceeded to stalk Worsley and even followed him outside to personally abuse him.

Why was MVG not thrown out of the comp? Worsley is correct in that there is one rule for players, and different rules for those in the clique.

The ego of MVG is so big he even claimed Worsley should have come to him The bald prick then used this to harass Worsley, and personally insult him, and when later Worsley went outside MVG followed him outside and continued to insult him.

In my world that would have seen him get his skull caved in if you dollowed people around abusing them in the face..

He got off lightly with just a push in my opinion, and then the bald prick made out he was the victim and went crying to officials, making him a rat, the very thing he accused Worsley off.

The Dutch cunt is clearly thick as pigshit and ignorant as well. The official deserves one as well because if the official had not been a gossiping cunt, kissing the fat hole of MVG it would never have happened.

Its a pity the push did not end up with MVG breaking his back for good. MVG insulted the player, and whilst arguments happen all the these things happen but once a person starts following you outside the building continuing his name calling, then that cunt deserved to be knocked out.

So what happens the next time a lower ranked player has an issue and does the right thing and goes to an official, and the official gossips to one of the players in the clique?

Why is the likes of MVG allowed to take said complaint about the marker and harass the player and personally insult him, follow him around the arena and even outside continuing the stalking.

If MVG is not fined for this it will prove yet again everything I have said about the DRA Nazi Party having no basis for anything , just dispensing fines on a whim to whoever they like whilst giving favortisim and preferential treatment to others.

The irony in all this was Worsley did not have to push hunchback, a simple threat would have seen hunchback shit himself, the guy is a fucking wimp.

Event 5. The final event saw the scourge of Wetherspoons, the virus spreading Glen Durrant go out first round for the 4th time in 5 days. Seriously this guy is the most over rated player in PDC history, his record in ranking events is utterly abysmal for someone who is heralded as the best in the World.

Daniel Larsson became the 62nd different player to beat him in PDC competition, that's not a typo, 62nd. Durrants 85 might be good enough in the past to win him and others Lakeshite titles, but wont cut it in the PDC.

Ryan Searle has won 4 on the trot against him, Price, Wright and many others have as many victories. Joe Cullen was down to Justin Pipe who was averaging , and Cullen won I was obviously delighted the vile Hunchbacked cunt was sent out in his first match of the day, as the autistic and deranged looking Callan Rydz dumped out the cunt.

Rydz eventually lost in the last 16 to Fatpot who had another decent run but lost in the quarters, with a ,2 average, as Ratajski averaged Andy Boulton beat Wright to earn a spot in the semis against Joe Cullen.

This was Cullens 3rd semi final in the last 4 days whilst Huybrechts played Ratajski in the other semi final. A Boulton or Huybrechts comp win would put Wattimena out of the Slam, and thankfully both lost in their semis, as Ratajski who started poorly, played awesome darts, Cullen had too much for Boulton.

It was yet another great final, and Cullen played brilliant throughout the day after coming from down in the first round and had a Only Bellyboy finished higher in the Winter Series than Cullen.

Joe also thanked Tommy Cox for what he did for his career mentioning how it was the 2 year anniversary of his death.

A nice touch from him, which would no doubt infuriate plenty of mushrooms who despised Tommy and also Joe Cullen. There were 9 averages of or over with Chizzy hitting the highest of the day with a huge Altogether 9 players with a ton plus average lost their games.

Remember how we were told Devon Petersen was one of the best hitters now in the world? Devon Petersen hit Ricky had only an 87 average.

Pipe and the worlds oldest youth player Fluke Humphries was put on fast forward. I did spot the graphic showing at down Pipe was averaging 99 and ten points more than fluke, and by the time it was over Fluke had won with an 87 average.

The beauty of tuning in late was the ability to fast forward, and like the Pipe match, the Gawlas and Searle match was skipped through also. The graphic at to Searle showed he was averaging , so left it on from there, and sure enough Searle was poor from then on, and he fell over the line Glen Durrant against Heta was the first game of the afternoon I gave a shit about.

Durrant had chances in the first couple of legs but was not able to take them, it was a brutal start from him, he scored okay but could not finish his breakfast and was soon down, he somehow won a leg before it ended Glen averaged 89, and like Wayne Warren improved on his first match but was not good enough.

Shitlock against Anderson looked a tasty match on paper and it turned out to be great quality at the start, but the longer it went, it dropped in quality, and when Ando was missing doubles to hold throw it was over soon after and he lost Good job they did not interview the loser, suspect he would have had another whinge.

Wade started very poor in his match against Wattimena, but from down he hit a heap of s to run off 4 legs to lead , before going to sleep, but was enough for him to win , leaving Wattimena to play Heta for the second qualifying spot.

Dave Chisnall went down to Rob Dross, before waking up and rattling of 5 legs. Cross was shit again, missing crucial doubles. Chizzy scored well, and his 96 average would have far better were it not for his poor doubling.

Chizzy was asked in his post match interview how he "approached this event" and Chizzy replied how he has done what he has always done. I think Chizzy should do something else then, since what he has always done has got him nothing.

Aspinall against Dimitri was an enjoyable game, Aspinall scored well but his doubling let him down. The defeats for Durrant and Warren saw the mushroom continue to make excuses, not sure why Durrant is still classed as one of theirs since he bailed out on the bdo.

The notion that Lakeshites were meaningless would be too difficult for them to accept, so hence the excuses.

Evening session started off with comms rimming the fuck out of Lisa Ashton in her match against Ratajski, and Lisa led , not because she was brilliant, but because the Pole who scored better was so shit at doubles, who was 1 from 13 at this point.

The pole missed more doubles yet again and was down, after missing a total of 14 doubles. Ashton was only averaging a mere Ratajski then held, then broke, and had at this point 6 maximums and was averaging despite 16 missed doubles.

Don't give me the shit "Ashton was unlucky", because she was lucky to get the legs she did, and once Ratajski played to his standard there was only one outcome.

Despite the 17 missed darts at a double, Ratajski averaged almost , to Ashton's Once he started hitting his doubles Ashton was never close.

Cullen against Hunt was far more entertaining than I expected, with Hunt taking out a couple of ton plus checkouts before Cullen won it with a checkout.

Joyce and Suzuki meant more rimming by the comms, and Suzuki in leg 2 needing hit 2 treble 20s and bust , she was still given 2 more visits to win the leg.

Joyce was not playing well by his standards and his sub 90 average was more than enough to lead , and that was it, no way back for Suzuki, and like Ashton, Suzuki is simply not good enough, to their credit they were better than Wayne Warren, and don't fault them rocking up to collect a few grand, but as competitive players they offer nothing.

The Munters have to depend on the male players to shit themselves under pressure of playing a munter on tv to have a chance of winning, so take your political correctness bullshit and fuck off.

The munters are not good enough, never have been, and as soon as they can qualify by right in the unisex PDC and not have to depend on "womens only" qualifiers to get in then I will give them the credit they deserve.

Watching that fat cunt Part, and listening to prick Mardle trying to skirt around the fact the Munters are shit and not good enough was funny, the excuses they were coming up with were insulting my intelligence.

Peter Wright was up against Ian Shite and the first 2 legs were awful, and then wright changed his darts, and Wright improved as did Ian Shite, and it was quality darts after that, but there was a tv camera there so only one possible outcome, and that was Wright winning, who had a average.

Ian Shite had a ton plus average as well. Devon against Dirk was another game where comms spent the entirety of the match rimming one of their favorites, in this case Devon.

Off went the audio. The scoreline did not reflect how close the game was as Dirk averaged 5 points more than Devon but lost Friday, December 4, Here is a guy, with multiple convictions from wife beating, dole fraud, and of course violence which saw him locked up.

You think the cunt would be down on his knees thankful someone would hire him, let alone a national broadcaster, but no, not content with making retarded claims of calling covid a hoax and thinking he is a doctor on instagram, and berating anyone that had the audacity to question his medical expertise, before making his account private after his feelings were upset.

He has threatened people on twitter, before he got his feelings hurt on that too and deleted that, then acted like he was the victim on twitter despite all the threats were ones he was dishing out.

Ran his mouth on forums saying people act like scum, so threatened them people on forums, needless to say the irony was lost on him.

To claim live on you don't watch darts whilst commentating on darts only serves to make him look a right idiot.

I guess that is why he predicts every player to win and then claim afterwards he predicted the winner. Thing is I don't actually min him on comms, as compared to the morons like Nicholson, Dwason and Mardle, he moves up the ladder without evening opening his mouth.

Glen Durrant is up to 11th, and like MVG got an easy draw and section, there's a shock so he could be in the top 10 with a win or two Ian Shite and Chizzy are 9 and 10 proving you again like Bellyboy you can be in the top 10 in the world with a trophy cabinet as barren as those of the likes of Jenkins, Mason, Mardle, Baxter etc.

My hope is Bellyboy goes out early, and for once the actual rankings and top 10 might have a top 10 where the players in it are all proven winners.

The best game in terms of averages was Wattimena against Fluke Humphries where both had averages. In the evening session Ian Shite lost to Joe Cullen Peter Wright was up against Bellyboy next and Krusty was up at the first break.

Smith took out a to get a break and then for another break after by the second interval which he won , he now led , Krusty held and then got a break, and at Bellyboy hit 8 perfect darts and missed the double 12 and did not get another visit as Krusty took the leg.

The fat petulant cunt strop like started as predicted and the towel came in, as Krusty broke with a checkout to lead Bellyboy had 3 darts at 40 to break but the fat choking cunt missed , buried his head in his shirt and shook his head as if it were the fault of someone other than him.

The cunt was so mentally beaten by the time Krusty whacked in two maximums, the useless over rated fat hyped cunt was done.

Krusty won the last 6 legs of the match Krusty had a average, Bellyboy had a Up next Price and Cullen, and with Cullen on double 8 for a lead, Price woke up and took out to break, but Cullen broke again after more missed doubles by Price, and led at the interval.

Cullen then missed double and allowed price to Break and Cullen again lost his throw and missed more doubles to lead , as Price took out 3 to level the match Each leg went with throw, and was soon and best of 3 with Cullen still with the throw, and Cullen held easily, and made a valiant effort to break in the 18th leg but Price held and it was a last leg decider.

Cullen had left and 6 darts at it for the match and hit a measly 59, and Price was all over it like Tony Eccles on a schoolkid. The only plus to that result was it lined up a match with hunchback who was on next.

I watched most of this match on fast forward, and still the fat arse hunchbacked dutch prick managed to sicken me by looking at it.

Dirk led at the break , and I fast forwarded the begging bastards in the advert, and kept going till the end of the second session which Dirk lost , to now trail I caught a glimpse on the screen at the bald prick was averaging and the vile odious, obnoxious , wife cheating piece of shit took out after dirk missed a double.

As said earlier by now played another cunt in Price, so one of them going out was always going to be good.

That said the prick had a average and was looking back to his best, even dirk had a average. ITV went back and did their analysis on the missed 9 darter by Smith, and you could see the posturing and reactions by the fat tub of shit.

Little credit was given to Wright who went , , , 76 for the leg, very similar to the leg Wade threw in the slam to beat Damon Heta, when he went , , , I would not begrudge a King win but the problem is even if he beat Wright, he would not repeat the win in the final, so made more sense to want to see Wright win, and a Krusty vermin final was my hope but it did not happen.

The first semi was King against Krusty, and Krusty was woeful in the first session, and lost session He averaged a mere 78 and that was with only one shot at a double in the entire session.

King was averaging Wright held throw in the 7th leg to trail , and held again to trail Krusty missed 3 darts to break before the break for and keep him in the game, as King now led Krusty held and then missed 4 darts to break yet again, but King missed 6 to hold, and eventually Krusty broke to make it and was throwing for , but Wright was so shit on his throw Merv could miss 3 to break and still come back for another go and broke.

Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Sign In Register. Madsocks Posts: 2, Forum Member. Wade got battered.

Darren Lethem Posts: 46, Forum Member.

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